Mappi International showed that it is possible to think to the future but also that the market requires it. A market that changes continuously and that requires quality products and solutions.

In an historical moment in which few companies decided to invest, we needed a lot of courage to win against the fear and to pass the false idea that in a crisis period it is impossible to think to the future.

An investment and a continuous task in which the company support above all the projection sector, completely Italian that represents the most important sector of the company.

Mappi International continues to fight to expand glass culture that in this last year became a new communication project.

www.mappi.it and www.mappi.us are two new web sites always up to date about events, news and details.

A new advertising campaign that gave up with the past communication that has a new social image, a new way to talk about the company, its sectors, exhibitions and people who make Mappi International enterprise.

A chance to be near to the costumers in all over the world that can be always up to date.

Mappi International customer service is another point that turns in company’s favor that is always with its customers and that can reach them with an assistance service 24h thanks to a technical equipment that are able to solve every kind of problem.

A story that lasts twenty years, based on unchanging values, investments, quality products, glass culture diffusion and above all the constant presence at the most important events; values that we will find in 2016, a new year to face, knowing that we always gave concrete answers to the customers. They are our point of reference, they are people to which Mappi International must and want to answer with useful solutions for growing up them.