Mappi International, the Italian enterprise is ready to face the future with new challenges and new projects thanks to its products quality.

Another year comes to end and the enterprises that treat glass make an evaluation. A delicate phase that closes a period of work and gives advance notice a new stage. For Mappi International it is also the moment to raise achievements produced during passed months.

There are few enterprises that in spite of the crisis and the market problems can think optimistically to the future. Mappi International is one of them: founded in 1993, Mappi International never gave up to invest in researching of innovative solutions that is able to give concrete answers to the market needs.
The creation of a new advertising campaign and two web sites mappi.it and mappi.us that underline the overseas task have been very important. Moreover, Mappi International is every day more social thanks to Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter activities.

In Naples, Florida (USA), it was created a new warehouse to allow to Mappi International to be always with its customers. There is an assistance service customer that can reach every part of the world every day and in every moment.

Mappi International will remember 2015 as a year of great achievements and goals reached. The effort of the enterprise was realized in investments in planning area that created a product alone in the market: the ATS J: the tempering giant, the new big glass tempering furnace by Mappi International. A product that is able to quench sheets 2700×6000 based on the market needs: to use larger sheets for satisfying the requirements of a building field that uses the tempered glass every day. A challenge against time and people who said that it was impossible to create and introducing a similar machinery in the market.

Mappi International won the bet and it is ready to face a future based on quality. Performances, low energy consumptions and quality are the main characteristics of Mappi International activity.