During GPAD 2017 in New Orleans, Nancy Mammaro from Mappi, reported the relevance of recent technologies in industry 4.0.

Today even glass industry is all about Industry 4.0. For Mappi this means using modern technology to produce more and better quality glass at competitive costs, with significant savings in time, energy and resources.

The assistance service has improved through digital tools. We are now able to reach customers in an instant. We downplayed set-up operations and maximised the efficiency of our products that are increasingly easy, fast and reliable.
The 4.0 is a work-in-progress, that never ends, because it is part of an evolutionary process that will never cease. We have been producing hardening furnaces for over 25 years. We never hold ourselves back, and repeat what we have done the year before. The concept of evolution is now our mindset, where we set life and work.