Another edition of Vitrum has just ended and another chance to view the future of glass positively has just risen.

After the crisis has hit the manufacturing sector, in which the changes take place over decades, it’s time to dare, to break the mold, rewrite the rules, pushing the limits.

Fears and  anxieties for the future will be a distant memories! During “Vitrum”,  it was time to dare and propose new ideas without hesitation. From here a new era for glass will restart again , and especially for Italian companies, ambassadors of innovation all over the world.

The latest appointment Mappi International has set with its clients was at this edition of Vitrum (Milan, 6-9 October 2015), a challenge which was greatly met. No other company dared to aim so high, dared to get so involved but, most of all, dared to believe that investment was the key to face this global economic crisis. Mappi International strongly believed that investment was the only way out, and it decided to involve its whole team of experts into an even more ambitious project.

“We are looking forward to the edition of Vitrum”,  Nancy Mammaro said, “especially after the success of last year. Observing the change that has occurred in our Italian office , I can say with enough certainty that the worst is over. Focusing (o betting, che significa scommettere) on quality and Italian pride , we have achieved again excellent results”.

The new challenge was to aim even higher and meet market needs with a brand new machine: ATS J, a super innovating tempering furnace for flat glass.

We are talking about a brand new equipment, able to satisfy any company needs, including tempering glass sheets up to 2700×6000.

Improved performances, low energy consumption, Italian design and manufacture: here are ATS J key elements to become the best tempering furnace for flat glass of the future.

Companies all over the world chose our ATS models to expand their equipment fleet.