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ATS 4.0

testoToday A TS 4.0 does not want to define a new standard, it aims to overcome it. ATS 4.0 raises the bar in limiting consumptions through the use of coordinated MHS, ESS...
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testoATS EcoConvection present the most advanced technical carateristcs technology might offer: reduced size heating elements and equipped with temperature control...
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testoFox EcoConvection is the best solution. It’s smaller then ATS but offer the same technical characteristics. Fox EcoConvection has the temperature control...
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testoMachine for laminating flat glass with PVB and EVA. The oven consists of a heating chamber where the housing is provided for five independent planes...
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Mappi at Glassbuild

GLASSBUILD – LAS VEGAS From 19 to 21 October Mappi attends GlassBuild 2016, the most important North American trade...

Mappi at Glasstec 2016

Mappi will be in Düsseldorf, Germany, 20-23 September 2016, at Glasstec, one of the most important exhibition in...


  • Mappi International will advise and find the machine that will exactly suit your needs.
    Thanks to a detailed description of the selected machine as well as a valuable technical assessment, we will totally guarantee your investment.
  • Mappi Internationale will take care of shipping, installing and testing the machine during the warm-up stage.

    In addition, our technical team will provide any staff training necessary to use the machine.
  • Mappi’s after-sale support is continuous and ongoing, thanks also to our remote support which guarantees an immediate response to any issue which might occur.