The real meaning of the word “courage” might be misunderstood nowadays.  Its Latin roots – cor – mean “heart” – that is the place where courage is generated . Our heart pushes us forward to face challenges we would never have imagined we would cross on our path.”

Courage gives human beings the ability to make amazing, even extraordinary things which would leave  even the most skeptical and distrustful ones breathless.
It’s a power we often ignore we have but it’s essential to reach the goals that we have set. Mostly, courage gives people a lot of happiness and peace of mind in return.  When people yell “Be careful!” at us each time we take brave action, that happens because they’re afraid our actions could put ourselves in danger. But there is a thin line between courage and recklessness, and that is called: experience.  Thanks to our experience, that same one growing inside of us with time, and thanks to our courage as well, we are able to face any challenge along our path.

Nancy Mammaro, Mappi International CEO & Founder, is well aware of that; she has gained courage by every experience, never missing an opportunity to increase her expertise. Without these values, the firm she is running wouldn’t have achieved success and she wouldn’t be telling us about her amazing history. A history including research, quality, ability and other values which helped the company in exceeding its goals. All great firms have business cultures that incorporate values throughout; Mappi international has believed in such core values since 1993 and has never stopped bringing honor to the Made in Italy concept, as well as promoting it around the world.

Thanks to the excellence of an extraordinary team of experts, it was easy for Nancy Mammaro and Mappi International to find the courage  and keep investing in Research & Development,  despite the global scale of the current crisis. Each one of Mappi International’s products is uniquely crafted and that’s why over three-hundred clients all over the world have decided to trust with our brand.  Mappi International is ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges and to seize any opportunity.

We need support from each one of you – as for courage, we have plenty of that.