ATS 4.0
Quality without compromise

Discover Mappi Ats 4.0:

Innovation, Quality without compromise, Excellent Manufacturing.
The results:
– Lowest energy consumption on the market
– Less installed electrical power
– Lowest cost per “mm” tempered
– Minimum Cycle Time and increased productivity
– Glass quality that exceed any standard

Installation & Testing

The performance of a Mappi furnace depends on hundreds of components,
like this thermocouple for temperature control.

Components designed, constructed and assembled with no possibility of error,
because glass doesn’t hide anything. That’s why in Mappi we combine innovation
and experience, two sides of the same coin.


Quality does not come from casual results, but from the sum of many different factors.

In Mappi we internally develop the whole machine. That’s way, we guarantee the perfection
of the assembly and the consistent quality of each component, for excellent performance
which is constant over time.

Research & Development

All Mappi furnaces are loaded with technology for the optimisation of production.

The result?
Energy saving, reduction of downtime, maximum production flexibility.


It is essential for us to always be close to the customer, from the first contact, to the choice
of the most suitable model, up to the after-sales service.

Today we can be even closer with Tab Service: the instant support service that allows us
to be at your side.